Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are any of your books going to be made into a movie or TV show?

Maybe one day! Sadly, I have no control over when/if a movie or TV show gets made. 

2. Is there going to be a third REBOOT book

I have no plans to write a third book. I sold REBOOT as a duology to HarperTeen (meaning a two-book series), and I wrote REBEL intending to wrap everything up. Never say never, but for now I’ve moved on to other projects. 

3. Do you have any writing advice? 

Finish! You can't edit a blank page.


If you're looking for craft books, I'm a big fan of the Save the Cat! method, which was originally a screenwriting book. I highly recommend Jessica Brody's version for novelists - Save the Cat! Writes a Novel. 

And the best writing advice I can give you is to READ. Read widely, especially recently published books in your chosen genre! 

4. When will your book be released in my country? 

I know this is weird, but I actually don’t know. I usually find out when a book has been released in another country when a reader tweets me about it. But there’s a list of countries where my books have sold at the bottom of the REBOOT and RUINED pages. 

5. How did you get published? 

Query letter! I was pulled out of the slush pile by my agent, Emmanuelle Morgen at Stonesong.

6. Are you Latinx? 

Yes! My books feature characters who are Americans with Mexican heritage, like me. (Tragically, I do not speak Spanish.)