Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are any of your books going to be made into a movie or TV show?

Maybe one day! Sadly, I have no control over when/if a movie or TV show gets made. 

2. Is there going to be a third REBOOT book

I have no plans to write a third book. I sold REBOOT as a duology to HarperTeen (meaning a two-book series), and I wrote REBEL intending to wrap everything up. Never say never, but for now I’ve moved on to other projects. 

3. Do you have any writing advice? 

Finish! You can't edit a blank page.


If you're looking for craft books, I'm a big fan of the Save the Cat! method, which was originally a screenwriting book. I highly recommend Jessica Brody's version for novelists - Save the Cat! Writes a Novel. 

And the best writing advice I can give you is to READ. Read widely, especially recently published books in your chosen genre! 

4. When will your book be released in my country? 

I know this is weird, but I actually don’t know. I usually find out when a book has been released in another country when a reader tweets me about it. But there’s a list of countries where my books have sold at the bottom of the REBOOT and RUINED pages. 

5. How did you get published? 

Query letter! I was pulled out of the slush pile by my first agent.

6. Are you Latinx? 

Yes! My books feature characters who are Americans with Mexican heritage, like me. (Tragically, I do not speak Spanish.)